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Meet Heather!

Heather was born with CP (cerebral palsy). When Heather was born, her biological mother put her up for adoption.

When Heather graduated from High School, she moved into her own apartment. This is when Easter Seals Goodwill ND, Inc. began servicing Heather on a day-to-day basis-our Direct Support Professionals would go over to her apartment to get her ready for class, and help her to live as independently as any "typical" college kid would. Heather graduated from UND with a bachelor's degree in Community Nutrition, and even tattooed her graduation date on her leg!

Heather is now in her 30's, and Easter Seals Goodwill ND, Inc. Direct Support Professionals still has the privilege of assisting Heather each day. Heather has a great spirit and very an involved family, her Mom even serves on our Board, and her spirit and attitude are what have made her such a success today.

When we asked Heather what she liked about Easter Seals and the girls that she's worked with throughout the years, she said "They respect me, give me my space, and treat me as a human being - not as a person with a disability."

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